Stepping Down as a Leap of Faith

My journey in Christian education began rather innocently. Moving to Louisiana was part of one of our biggest adventures in life over twenty years ago. Picture two native Texans, two tow-headed young children, and two dogs heading east to our new journey across the Sabine River with two eighteen-wheeler moving trucks filled with more than a decade’s accumulation of belongings, including a restored Ford 8N tractor.  What could God possibly have up His sleeve?

The first stop in our new undertaking was Opelousas, home of Tony Chacheres’ delectable Creole seasoning products and, as it turned out, a Christian school birthed in a Presbyterian church in 1978.  Although had only recently considered teaching as a career (my bachelor’s degree is in accounting, and I said I’d never teach), I found myself at this picturesque Christian school campus built on a former soybean field enrolling my children and asking for a teaching position.   My, my, my, doesn’t God have an interesting sense of humor when dealing with His strong-willed children.

Fast forward a few years…ok, 20 years, and here I am making plans to step down from my current full-time position as assistant principal and elementary director of a Christian school an hour north of my original school in order to spend more time reading, writing, and possibly speaking, as the Lord leads me to take this leap of faith.  Oh, I’ll still have my foot in the door to help coordinate curriculum (hence using my master’s in curriculum and instruction acquired about 10 years ago), but most days I’ll be working from home pursuing the passion God has given me to introduce people to the God of All Comfort.

Having been asked by many folks just what I am going to write, I have the distinct privilege to say, “I’m not sure”.  How does that sound?  Well, that’s part of the leap of faith.  And, just so you know, I’m the type of girl who really likes to know what’s coming up ahead.  Obedience, one step at a time, following God’s lead, trusting in Him to be there under my foot before it lands.  Now, I’m not going to say that I’m completely comfortable with this situation.  That’s where the faith comes up.  God has been telling His children to do things they didn’t understand and couldn’t possibly accomplish on their own power since the beginning of time.

One really crazy part of this leaping off my comfort zone is that I just happen to be 53 years old.  Now, that’s pretty young compared to the 80-year old Moses being called by God speaking through a burning bush, but really?  Starting something completely new as a grandmother?  Well, He did call Abraham’s bride, Sarah, to begin motherhood at 90, so maybe I am just a spring chicken.  He whispers to this “fabulous fifty” teenager trapped in a half-century old body, “Do not fear, be strong and courageous, I am with you.”  Sounds like something he told Joshua before the conquest of the promised land when he was a senior citizen.  Maybe I’m not the only one called to do something new after becoming eligible for AARP membership.

Interestingly enough, God is leading me to step down and take this leap of faith even though I still really love teaching, being an administrator, and promoting Christian education. It’s not that I am giving up something bad.  Well, I guess it wouldn’t be considered giving it up if it was not something I love.  It’s more a matter of stepping down from something that has been so good for me the past 20 years and leaping towards what is better for me for the next however many years I have left on this earth.

Has God ever asked you to exchange the good, familiar, and comfortable things in your life for a new calling?  It’s hard, scary, and even difficult to explain to those around you, but nothing compares to the peace you feel when you say, “Yes, Lord”, before you even know what He’s asking you to do.  As Stephen Curtis Chapman says in one of his great songs, “Let’s follow our Leader into the glorious unknown. This is a life like no other; this is the great adventure”.  I couldn’t have said it better myself!



6 thoughts on “Stepping Down as a Leap of Faith

  1. Crystal S. Hornback

    I’m so excited to see where God takes you, as you follow His spirit in your journey! Prayers for you! What a leap of faith this is, but what a beautiful road ahead as you trust His ways and follow His lead! #livefreeThursday

  2. pamecrement

    This is very exciting indeed! I have had several leaps of faith. One happened when I was almost 50 and left a tenured teaching position to start into private practice as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in a Christian practice. Another came about 15 months ago when I left our church staff where I had been doing a host of things including counseling. I retired at 70. I have always had an interest in writing and did some quite a long time ago. In a leap, I went to a Writer’s Boot Camp In CO in June and as a part of the homework required before we arrived, I started a website blog. Big deal and pretty adventuresome for me! I am definitely a different season of life than many bloggers. My husband and I have been married 50 years, have two married children, and six amazing grandchildren. My site has been going since May and I am content in letting the Lord lead me as He will and use what I write as He chooses. I know He will lead your steps in just the path He has for you. Hope to hear what that looks like as you travel with Him!


  3. Diana Rockwell

    I am so blessed to be your neighbor at Live free Thursday. I am doing something new. I retired. Filling my days helping my dad in a small town in Oklahoma away from San Diego Ca. Writing to become my friend. Blessings. Diana


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